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Professional Tree Removal in the eastern
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Tree removal is a complex and potentially dangerous process that should only be performed by trained professionals. On Point Solutions LLC has an experienced team of tree climbers and tree removal specialists in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

We have encountered a wide range of tree removal challenges and can handle even the most difficult tree removal jobs.

Before Tree Removal

Tree Before Removal Near Home

After Tree Removal

After Tree Removal 1

Our Residential and Commercial Tree Removal Process in
Saint Croix River Valley and Western Wisconsin


Consultation and Plan

We consult with our customers and assess the tree’s size, health, location and identify any hazards that may arise during the removal process. 

Next, we create a detailed plan to safely remove the tree.



Tree Removal

We cut the tree into sections, starting from the top and working downwards.

We carefully lower the branches and trunk to the ground. Safety is our number one priority.


Clean Up

We prepare the sections of tree trunk for removal and clean up the property.



Finally, the site is inspected to ensure that the tree has been properly removed and to determine if the property requires any other services such as stump grinding and removal.

The Best Tree Climbers and Ground Crew in the Industry

Climbing Limb Removal
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Tree Trimming Night
Dog Crew Member On Stump
Ground Crew Chipper
Big Tree Removal

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